CrossFit WOR

is more than a gym. It’s a place to build strength while building a community of support and encouragement to achieve your fitness goals. 


    More About CrossFit


    The definition of CrossFit is, “Constantly varied, functional movement, performed at a high intensity.” Every workout will be different. CrossFit is designed to develop the following 10 characteristics of fitness.

    1. Cardiovascular Endurance

    2. Stamina

    3. Strength

    4. Flexibility

    5. Power

    6. Speed

    7. Coordination

    8. Agility

    9. Balance

    10. Accuracy

    CrossFit is a performance based training program. There is no tape measuring or scale watching in what we do. The idea behind our methodology is simple…There probably weren’t many fat cavemen…in the early days of civilization a fat person was considered a lazy person. Everyone was working, moving, lifting, using their bodies to make their lives livable. The need to perform kept people in shape.

    We use benchmark workouts to gauge your progress. These are typically on Mondays. These are workouts we repeat every so often to see how you improve in your performance compared to the last time you did the workout. As you get better in your performance your body will change its composition and shape by default.

    You can stop getting on the scale every day, or measuring your waist every week. Instead, come into the gym and try to get the most out of each workout and do better than you did the last time. The more you focus on performing better the more you will see and feel the results you are looking for.

      Things to Remember:

      • Get to class on time, if not a little early
      • Make friends!
      • There is no rush. You don’t have to come in and get a year’s worth of working out in in one class. Be Safe.
      • Rest, you will see better results by taking some time off regularly
      • Set a goal. If you don’t know where you want to be, how will you know when you get there?
      • Discomfort is normal when you do something new in your fitness routine. Don’t be discouraged. You may get sore, really sore, after some of your first workouts. Make sure to drink lots of water, do the cool-downs after class, and get plenty of sleep. If you are having an issue with pain or a potential injury, you MUST let us know ASAP.




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