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To me, CrossFit is more than just a workout. It is a way of life, a community and a support team. It is an investment, being both a trainer and an athlete. I don’t have words for the excitement when someone gets their first air squat, push-up, pull-up, muscle-up or even their first RX workout. I get pure joy and excitement every time I enter into a box. So to me, it’s about reaching fitness goals every day, with every workout, being better than yesterday. I want to be a part of the lives changed, the goals reached. 

I discovered CrossFit in 2011 and started coaching CrossFit methods in 2012. My experience as a track & field athlete instilled in me a love for community and competition, which makes CrossFit a perfect fit. I have been competing and coaching in track & field (sprints & jumps) since 1994. I continue to hold the indoor long jump record at my Alma Mater Missouri Southern. I have also completed two half-marathons. I am a true believer in the scalability of all wods in that ANYONE can do CrossFit.

With a background as a CrossFit trainer, as well as a collegiate track & field coach, I love using those skills to help improve the health of others. I discovered a passion for yoga due to its incredible health benefits, both physical and mental. I strive to foster an environment in which the students and athletes feel challenged, yet always having fun, and leave feeling refreshed and energized.

– CrossFit West of the River Owner/Head Trainer 2014
– Yoga Certified Trainer 2014
– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 2012
– CrossFit athlete since 2011
– Volunteer assistant jumping coach at Oral Roberts University for 2 years
– Graduate assistant track & field coach at Missouri Southern University for 2 years
– Private long jump/triple jump coach for 4 years

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Billie French

Head Coach, Client Success Manager, CrossFit Kids Coach

Billie is a Level 2 Certified CrossFit Trainer and has been training at CrossFit West of the River since March of 2015. She has competed in multiple Team Competitions. Billie is from Tulsa, Oklahoma and married her sweetheart Matt in 2008. They have two boys Jaxon and Kable who have all kinds of energy.
Since a young age, health and fitness have been a part of her life, but it wasn’t until starting CrossFit when she realized how enjoyable working out could be. CrossFit is a constant challenge both mentally and physically and has taught her what fitness is all about and how to actively stay healthy. Billie looks forward to sharing her lifestyle and having the opportunity to help others achieve their personal goals.
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)
  •  Anatomy Certificate
  •  Kids Trainer (2017)
  •  Lesson Planning Certificate (1)
  •  Scaling Certificate (1)
  •  Spot The Flaw Certificate (1)
  •  Weightlifting Certificate (2017)
  •  Barbell for Boobs
  •  Brand X Method

Diana Hurst

L1 CrossFit Trainer, Nutrition Coach

Growing up in Eastern Massachusetts and being a daughter of a single mother led me to explore many areas of the country. After being involved in dance classes and playing recreational Soccer and young child, I entered my Freshman year of high school. I became involved in school athletics, which developed in to lettering on the Varsity Field Hockey team and Varsity Cheer Squad.

I then moved with my mother to Central Florida as a senior where I graduated and started working in the corporate world. After many moves up and down the east coast over the years, having family in opposite ends of the coast is when I met my husband. My husband, who is a musician, was traveling at the time. And guess what, he was from Oklahoma. So, we decided to relocate to Oklahoma early in our marriage. My life soon grew from me to a family of 6 over the next several years. I became a stay at home mother and completely lost myself. Not only did several things shift in my life over the course of time, so did my eating and physical status. I lost myself. I became stagnant. I gained a ton of weight and was extremely unhappy.

October, 2015 came along and I knew something had to change. I was drastically overweight so I forced myself to call the owner at CrossFit WOR. I was hooked and never wanted to leave! I stated finding myself again and was determined to get “my sexy back” I started gaining confidence and began coming out of my shell. I’m definitely not perfect with my eating habits and I will be the first to admit it. I learned bad habits and it’s hard to break those chains. I was on a roller coaster journey with my nutrition due to the fact that I realized I was doing all the motions for other people and not myself. I was showing up, putting in the work with the daily WOD’s, but something still wasn’t right.

The Spring of 2018 I realized I was done trying to “get skinny” or “become fit” so others would accept me. I committed my life to follow Jesus in 2005 and knew He was the only one I was truly living for. I made that decision in the spring of 2018 to take care of my body the way God intended it to be. I needed to take care of myself for me and in return, others would be able to benefit. Since that decision and switch of mindset, I have lost several pounds, several inches, a great amount of body fat and drastically increased my muscle mass. I was so happy with what I had accomplished, I decided to use my testimony and share it with others. I made the decision to become an L1 CrossFit Trainer. I passed the course and the rest is history! I look forward to helping others and being the example that things happen in life, whether for the good or bad. It’s up to us to fully rely of God to lead our paths and make the choices to better ourselves! I strive to elevate, encourage and inspire others to do the same!


Bonnie Davis

Social Media Director, Owner Success Manager

My CrossFit Journey started when a few of my former co-workers had joined CWOR and encouraged me to join them. I put it off for a long time because I NEVER thought I could do something like CrossFit. Without really knowing anything about it, the picture in my head of CF was a bunch of crazy meat heads who were already in shape, doing the most rigorous workouts, with no room for people like me. And by people like me, I mean I had 3 kids, my youngest was 1 year old, and after a very difficult year I had completely let myself go. I did nothing physical at all. Everyday tasks like grocery shopping and bringing the groceries inside, were tiring. I didn’t realize how bad I had gotten, but I knew I was at my highest weight ever and that something had to change. I felt terrible, my body ached, my knees killed me, and my attitude and temper stunk. After seeing my co-workers enthusiasm for CrossFit and the changes in their health, I decided I’d check it out. After graduating from Foundations I was absolutely terrified to join the group classes, but I kept telling myself, “You did this to yourself. Now it’s time to fix it.” When I started them, I found a group of people who were always kind and friendly, but mostly encouraging. Several times people I didn’t know would be yelling for me or simply speaking an encouraging, “Good Job” during a run or at the end of the WOD. It meant the world to me bc as much as I judged myself, I NEVER felt like any of them judged me.                                                                                                                                  
I’ve been at CrossFit West of the River for 1 1/2 years now and I have found a new Me. Apart from the inches and weight I’ve lost, I’ve gained confidence that I have never had before. I’ve gained a love for CrossFit and this amazing community of people who are just trying to live a healthy lifestyle and set a good example. It’s become my second home and my favorite part of the day. I’m incredibly honored to be a part of the WOR tribe and see where this journey takes me, bc I’m definitely not done yet. 

Ashley Cutright

Nutrition Coach, M.A. CHES (Certified Health Education Specialist), CrossFit L1 Trainer

I found my passion in health and wellness somewhere is the mix of my college journey. I never really considered myself an athlete as I never felt like I was “good” at any sport. However through college I navigated different major options and I ended up graduating from Northeastern State University in May 2013 with a bachelors of science in Human and Family Sciences and a minor in Nutrition. Many of my classes were focused on human development and nutrition, which lead me to realize physical activity, was crucial to keep our bodies healthy. Like I said I never felt like I was “good “ at sports so physical activity was not really my comfort zone. I walked into CrossFit WOR September 2015 and have never stopped. I am now very comfortable with physical activity and finally feel like an athlete! I think WOR has only amplified my love for health and wellness. I am currently a Health Educator for the Tulsa City County Health Department where I teach health education to elementary school students all over Tulsa County. I teach on many
different topics from stress management to physical education, nutrition, and so much more. This job allows me to educate students on the importance of keeping our bodies healthy. I completed my Masters in Health Education in May 2020 and became a Certified Health Education Specialist, and in November of 2020 I got my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate. I love educating and supporting others and I want to use my expertise to help others reach their wellness goals. Nutrition is the footing of wellness; without good nutrition our bodies have a more difficult time functioning both mentally and physically. I believe the more people we can get healthy physically and mentally, that will make a positive impact not only on individual’s lives but the world.


Nathan Carter

L1 CrossFit Trainer

I have always been interested in fitness from being a high school athlete into my career as a stream biologist. I’ve always thought of a person’s body as a tool that has to be maintained. Unfortunately in 2017 I found myself in a difficult situation and without a positive outlet. I had taken a step away from fitness after struggling for years to come back from an injury in 2012, the conventional gym just wasn’t working for me. Luckily for me a family friend and CrossFitter, invited my wife Leona and I to Murph where I immediately recognized the community atmosphere that I had been missing. I so firmly believed in the methodology that in 2018 I completed my L1 and began coaching. I firmly believe that the support and accountability that group fitness provides along with the science and innovation driven programming provided by CrossFit is the most effective way to achieve your highest level of fitness. My wife and I have turned our CrossFit journey into a family affair and more often than not our three daughters tag along when we go to the box. My two oldest daughters thoroughly enjoy taking the CrossFit kids classes. I’m glad to see that our children are realizing the importance of fitness early in their lives and hopefully will be better prepared to make decisions regarding their health and fitness as adults.


Tim Cunningham

L1 CrossFit Trainer

When I joined CrossFit WOR in January 2016, I brought plenty of doubt and apprehension with me. My wife Cherlyn had been a member for several months and she assured me that I would fit right in, but I wasn’t convinced. As a three-sport athlete in high school, I would have jumped at the opportunity. During my college years and later as a high school teacher and football coach, I would have been confident enough in my fitness and athleticism to step into a box and meet this challenge head-on. But I quit teaching for an accounting degree and became a CPA. I had been sitting behind a desk for over ten years. We started a family during that time and between going back to school, starting a new career and negotiating the pitfalls of parenthood, I had completely neglected my health and fitness. Other than the occasional stint at a corporate gym, which inevitably went nowhere, I had fallen into the
sedentary lifestyle that is so common in our society. I was unhappy when I looked in the mirror. I refused to take my shirt off at the pool with my kids. Worse, I started to wonder if I would be around to see my girls graduate college, get married and have children of their own. I had to do something.
So, I took a leap of faith and showed up at the box for my first foundations class. As I was working my way through the movements, I felt every minute of those 10 years behind a desk. After each class there was exhaustion and all-over soreness, but also a growing realization that I could do this. And then, the results started coming. I could move and breathe more easily. I started losing weight. I certainly wasn’t the fastest athlete in the room, but I wasn’t the slowest any more. When I started to pay more attention to my diet, all of those gains were amplified. Within a year I had dropped over 40 pounds and I was completely addicted.
When I was given the opportunity to become a CrossFit L1 trainer, I saw it not only as another step in my fitness journey, but a chance to share my experience with others. I truly believe that CrossFit is the best program available for well-rounded fitness and lifelong health. It changed my life and I know that it can do the same for anyone willing to put aside their ego and self-imposed limitations and give it a try.


Cheyenne Castillo

L1 CrossFit Trainer

While growing up in Sapulpa, I was a high school four-year letterman in basketball, cross country, and track. Oklahoma State University is where I received my Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science. One week after college graduation, I moved to Monterrey, Mexico with my husband, Juan de Dios. We have two boys, Ethan and Enzo who were born in Monterrey. I spent the next 10 years of my life in Monterrey and Tampico, Mexico where my Spanish improved tremendously. While living out of my comfort zone everyday in Mexico, it definitely changed me to be a better version of myself. Then in 2011 we moved to Kiefer, Oklahoma.
I was introduced to CrossFit when I was still living in Monterrey where I watched the CrossFit Open Finals on T.V. It looked so challenging and FUN! I thought, “I want to be able to do what they are doing.” Fast forward about 8 years. We are now living in Oklahoma and some friends of mine (Chris and Deana Carr) kept asking me to come to CrossFit West of the River. I said no a few times because it was out of our price range. We paid off our cars in February of 2016, and I asked my husband what he thought about me going to CrossFit. He said go for it! You will love it! So I did and I absolutely LOVE it! I love the challenging workouts and the accountability and camaraderie among our community. What I also love about it is that anyone can do CrossFit. The movements can be modified, so that anyone on any level can do it. I am always amazed when a member accomplishes something new. It is just the best feeling! Now my husband goes to CrossFit, my oldest son goes to CrossFit during his off season of sports, and my youngest son attends the CrossFit Kid’s class. My mom also comes to CrossFit and she is 68 years old. She is strong!
I am a teacher and a high school cross country and track coach, and some of my runners have done CrossFit during their off season and during their season. I incorporate CrossFit movements for strength training for the runners that do not attend CrossFit classes. They have become so strong, and CrossFit has helped them to be better runners. I love seeing people set goals and smash them!

-Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

-USA Track & Field Level 1 Certified

-Spanish and Science Teacher

-Head Cross Country and Track Coach

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