Ashley –  Nutrition Coach

I found my passion in health and wellness somewhere is the mix of my college journey. I never really considered myself an athlete as I never felt like I was “good” at any sport. However through college I navigated different major options and I ended up graduating from Northeastern State University in May 2013 with a bachelors of science in Human and Family Sciences and a minor in Nutrition. Many of my classes were focused on human development and nutrition, which lead me to realize physical activity,was crucial to keep our bodies healthy. Like I said I never felt like I was “good “ at sports so physical activity was not really my comfort zone. I walked into Crossfit WOR September 2015 and have never stopped. I am now very comfortable with physical activity and finally feel like an athlete!

I think WOR has only amplified my love for health and wellness. I am currently a Health Educator for the Tulsa City County Health Department where I teach health education to elementary school students all over Tulsa County. I teach on many different topics from stress management to physical education, nutrition, and so much more. This job allows me to educate students on the importance of keeping our bodies healthy. I am currently working on my Masters in Health Studies and will complete my masters in May 2020. I love educating and supporting others and I want to use my expertise to help others reach their wellness goals. Nutrition is the footing of wellness without good nutrition our bodies have a more difficult time functioning both mentally and physically. I believe the more people we can get healthy physically and mentally then that will make a positive impact not only on individual’s lives but the world.