Billie –  Director of Member Experience/L-2 CrossFit Trainer/CrossFit Kids Coach

Growing up in Sapulpa and being the middle child I have always felt like I had something to prove. I had to do better than my older sister and be a leader for my younger brother. This brought forth my competitive side and the urge to always do my best no matter what.  During high school, I played varsity sports and was very active with my church. I then went on to Oklahoma State University, got married and started a family. I married my husband Matt in October of 2008. We welcomed our first son Jaxon in June of 2011 and our second son Kable in December of 2012. We are the perfect little family of chaos, love, fitness, giggles, ER trips, traveling, racing, and GOD.

I was introduced to CrossFit in March of 2015 by the wonderful Nix family! I had felt lost in the fitness world since graduating from high school because I didn’t have anyone to push me or tell me what to do. From the first time I stepped foot into CrossFit West of The River I knew I had found what I had been looking for.  It wasn’t until a year later that I thought about becoming a trainer. I knew growing up I had always wanted to be a coach of some sort, but not until then did I have a fire in my soul so strong to teach and share my love for fitness. In October of 2016 I got certified to become a L1-CrossFit Trainer. I was having so much fun coaching and teaching all the athletes not just about fitness but overcoming everyday obstacles with life, food and emotions, that I knew I had to help kids as well. After all, they are our future. So in March of 2017 I  took the CrossFit Kids course to become a certified CrossFit Kids trainer! This is by far my most favorite accomplishment! I love learning about health and fitness and will continue to take more continuing education classes to better serve our community.

I truly believe I am living out Gods plan for me. Seeing all the athletes smile as they walk in the doors and pouring all I have into them for those 60 minutes makes my heart swell with joy. I want my athletes to know that when they leave here, that I have put everything I have into helping them become a better person/mom/dad/grandparent/aunt/uncle/spouse/friend/employee mentally, physically and emotionally.


CrossFit L2-Trainer

CrossFit Kids Certificate

CrossFit Weightlifting Course Certificate

CrossFit Scaling Course Certificate

CrossFit Judges Course Certificate