We Share Success

We Share Success As a trainer there isn’t much that makes me happier than seeing an athlete set a new PR or develop a new …

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The Importance of Post Workout Nurtrition

The Importance of Post Workout Nutrition. We have all noticed the benefits of exercise whether it be strength, endurance, or a combination of both forms …

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Tips for Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Techniques for Relieving Stress and Anxiety   At one time or another, almost all of us deal with some level of stress or anxiety.  There …

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CrossFit for Endurance Athletes

When I started researching this topic, I found some negative articles and some positive articles. I read one of the negative articles and the author …

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CrossFit WOR Terms

CrossFit WOR Glossary AMRAP, 1 POOD , PR, WOD…what does it all mean? If you’re new to CrossFit you will quickly discover a lingo unique …

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The Benefits of Workplace Wellness

By Coach Nathan There are two players in the wellness program game. There are the employers who invest in programs that focus on improving the …

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Should I Lose Weight First?

By Coach Tim For a company less than twenty years old, CrossFit has taken the world by storm.  From only 13 affiliates in 2005, the …

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Benefits of Strength Training in Older Adults

By Coach Billie When I was in middle school I used to laugh at the phrase “if you don’t use it, you will lose it”. …

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Let’s Talk Moods

By Coach Cheyenne Let’s talk moods. Everyone has their highs and their lows. I deal with this every day. I work with the people that …

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Why Finishing Last is An Accomplishment

We all begin at the gym with that thought – ‘I don’t want to finish last’. Most experiences in society have taught us that coming …

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