Bonnie –  Social Media Director, Owner Success Manager

My CrossFit Journey started when a few of my former co-workers had joined CWOR and encouraged me to join them. I put it off for a long time because I NEVER thought I could do something like CrossFit. Without really knowing anything about it, the picture in my head of CF was a bunch of crazy meat heads who were already in shape, doing the most rigorous workouts, with no room for people like me. And by people like me, I mean I had 3 kids, my youngest was 1 year old, and after a very difficult year I had completely let myself go. I did nothing physical at all. Everyday tasks like grocery shopping and bringing the groceries inside, were tiring. I didn’t realize how bad I had gotten, but I knew I was at my highest weight ever and that something had to change. I felt terrible, my body ached, my knees killed me, and my attitude and temper stunk. After seeing my co-workers enthusiasm for CrossFit and the changes in their health, I decided I’d check it out. After graduating from Foundations I was absolutely terrified to join the group classes, but I kept telling myself, “You did this to yourself. Now it’s time to fix it.” When I started them, I found a group of people who were always kind and friendly, but mostly encouraging. Several times people I didn’t know would be yelling for me or simply speaking an encouraging, “Good Job” during a run or at the end of the WOD. It meant the world to me bc as much as I judged myself, I NEVER felt like any of them judged me.

I’ve been at CrossFit West of the River for 1 1/2 years now and I have found a new Me. Apart from the inches and weight I’ve lost, I’ve gained confidence that I have never had before. I’ve gained a love for CrossFit and this amazing community of people who are just trying to live a healthy lifestyle and set a good example. It’s become my second home and my favorite part of the day. I’m incredibly honored to be a part of the WOR tribe and see where this journey takes me, bc I’m definitely not done yet.