Cheyenne –  L-1 CrossFit Trainer

While growing up in Sapulpa, I was a high school four-year letterman in basketball, cross country, and track.  Oklahoma State University is where I received my Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science.  One week after college graduation, I moved to Monterrey, Mexico with my husband, Juan de Dios.  We have two boys, Ethan and Enzo who were born in Monterrey.  I spent the next 10 years of my life in Monterrey and Tampico, Mexico where my Spanish improved tremendously. While living out of my comfort zone everyday in Mexico, it definitely changed me to be a better version of myself.  Then in 2011 we moved to Kiefer, Oklahoma.
I was introduced to CrossFit when I was still living in Monterrey where I watched the CrossFit Open Finals on T.V.   It looked so challenging and FUN!  I thought, “I want to be able to do what they are doing.”  Fast forward about 8 years.  We are now living in Oklahoma and some friends of mine (Chris and Deana Carr) kept asking me to come to CrossFit West of the River.  I said no a few times because it was out of our price range.  We paid off our cars in February of 2016, and I asked my husband what he thought about me going to CrossFit.  He said go for it!  You will love it!  So I did and I absolutely LOVE it!  I love the challenging workouts and the accountability and camaraderie among our community. What I also love about it is that anyone can do CrossFit.  The movements can be modified, so that anyone on any level can do it.   I am always amazed when a member accomplishes something new.  It is just the best feeling!  Now my husband goes to CrossFit, my oldest son goes to CrossFit during his off season of sports, and my youngest son attends the CrossFit Kid’s class.  My mom also comes to CrossFit and she is 68 years old.  She is strong!
I am a teacher and a high school cross country and track coach, and some of my runners have done CrossFit during their off season and during their season.  I incorporate CrossFit movements for strength training for the runners that do not attend CrossFit classes.  They have become so strong, and CrossFit has helped them to be better runners.  I love seeing people set goals and smash them!


  • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
  • USA Track & Field Level 1 Certified
  • Spanish and Science Teacher
  • Head Cross Country and Track Coach