Diana –  L-1 CrossFit Trainer, Nutrition Coach

Growing up in Eastern Massachusetts and being a daughter of a single mother led me to explore many areas of the country. After being involved in dance classes and playing recreational soccer as a young child, I entered my Freshman year of high school. I became involved in school athletics, which developed into lettering on the Varsity Field Hockey team and Varsity Cheer Squad.

I then moved with my mother to Central Florida as a senior where I graduated and started working in the corporate world. After many moves up and down the east coast over the years, having family in opposite ends of the coast is when I met my husband. My husband, who is a musician, was traveling at the time. And guess what, he was from Oklahoma. So, we decided to relocate to Oklahoma early in our marriage. My life soon grew from me to a family of 6 over the next several years. I became a stay at home mother and completely lost myself. Not only did several things shift in my life over the course of time, so did my eating and physical status. I lost myself. I became stagnant. I gained a ton of weight and was extremely unhappy.

October, 2015 came along and I knew something had to change. I was drastically overweight so I forced myself to call the owner at CrossFit WOR. I was hooked and never wanted to leave! I stated finding myself again and was determined to get “my sexy back.” I started gaining confidence and began coming out of my shell. I’m definitely not perfect with my eating habits and I will be the first to admit it. I learned bad habits and it’s hard to break those chains. I was on a roller coaster journey with my nutrition due to the fact that I realized I was doing all the motions for other people and not myself. I was showing up, putting in the work with the daily WOD’s, but something still wasn’t right.

The Spring of 2018 I realized I was done trying to “get skinny” or “become fit” so others would accept me. I committed my life to follow Jesus in 2005 and knew He was the only one I was truly living for. I made that decision in the spring of 2018 to take care of my body the way God intended it to be. I needed to take care of myself for me and in return, others would be able to benefit. Since that decision and switch of mindset, I have lost several pounds, several inches, a great amount of body fat and drastically increased my muscle mass. I was so happy with what I had accomplished, I decided to use my testimony and share it with others. I made the decision to become an L1 CrossFit Trainer. I passed the course and the rest is history! I look forward to helping others and being the example that things happen in life, whether for the good or bad. It’s up to us to fully rely of God to lead our paths and make the choices to better ourselves! I strive to elevate, encourage and inspire others to do the same!