Julie –  Owner/Nutrition Coach/L-1 CrossFit Trainer

I discovered CrossFit in November of 2013. I had been doing endurance training for marathons for the 2 years prior to this and was just ready for a change. My husband, LaMonte Styles, tried it first and when I saw the progress he was making and the joy he was getting out of it, I knew I had to try it. Aside from taking a few weeks off after having a baby, I have never stopped. CrossFit truly brings joy and health. I got my degree in Health Promotion in 2005. My goals were to change lives through teaching people about nutrition and the benefits of exercise. Over time, I decided to pursue a career in the healthcare field. I am now a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner…and my passion for overall health and wellness is stronger than ever. LaMonte and I decided to open CrossFit West of the River in 2014. This was a huge leap of faith, but an opportunity to work side-by-side changing lives. We are loving every minute of it.

Aside from acting behind the scenes as owner of CrossFit West of the River, I hold my Level 1 CrossFit Trainer certificate, and I also function as one of the nutrition coaches. This gives me the opportunity to sit down with individuals who want to change their eating habits to 1) change their abilities in the gym, and 2) make changes physically and mentally. It is extremely rewarding to work with someone on their nutrition and then see them get a PR at the gym…or hit that goal weight on the scale. I am a constant learner. There is always new research and new and better ways to approach nutrition and exercise and I want to make sure that I am always staying ahead of the pack and presenting the most advanced and effective solutions to my clients.