Kelly –  L-1 CrossFit Trainer

I started CrossFit in 2014, shortly after CrossFit West of the River opened. I was tired of going to a 24hr gym wandering around looking for things to do. I needed accountability and someone there to push me. Being in the Air National Guard I had a need to be in the best shape I could be in. CrossFit WOR did that. Helping me prepare for a difficult course called Air Assault. I needed a community!

In high school I played baseball and loved the competition. CrossFit help me reconnect with that love of competition. In the spring of 2015 I decided to compete in my first CrossFit competition, CrossFit Vital- Newcomers. I placed first – and it was so fun! I grew to love CrossFit and wanted to compete more. In the Fall of 2015 I competed on a team at Battle at the Ballpark. Again, we worked hard, had fun, and did really well!

My goals are to grow stronger as an athlete and to help others become the best they can be. So in the spring of 2016 I became a CrossFit level 1 trainer. I have hopes and aspirations to continue my education in CrossFit to better myself and to help others. Having a military law enforcement background I hope to complete a CrossFit Defense course as well as a CrossFit law enforcement application course to train individuals in self defense.