Nathan –  L-1 CrossFit Trainer

I have always been interested in fitness from being a high school athlete into my career as a stream biologist.  I’ve always thought of a person’s body as a tool that has to be maintained.  Unfortunately in 2017 I found myself in a difficult situation and without a positive outlet.  I had taken a step away from fitness after struggling for years to come back from an injury in 2012, the conventional gym just wasn’t working for me. Luckily for me a family friend and CrossFitter, invited my wife Leona and I to Murph where I immediately recognized the community atmosphere that I had been missing.  I so firmly believed in the methodology that in 2018 I completed my L1 and began coaching. I firmly believe that the support and accountability that group fitness provides along with the science and innovation driven programming provided by CrossFit is the most effective way to achieve your highest level of fitness.  My wife and I have turned our CrossFit journey into a family affair and more often than not our three daughters tag along when we go to the box.  My two oldest daughters thoroughly enjoy taking the CrossFit kids classes. I’m glad to see that our children are realizing the importance of fitness early in their lives and hopefully will be better prepared to make decisions regarding their health and fitness as adults.