Tim –  Coach/L-1 CrossFit Trainer

When I joined CrossFit WOR in January 2016, I brought plenty of doubt and apprehension with me. My wife Cherlyn had been a member for several months and she assured me that I would fit right in, but I wasn’t convinced. As a three-sport athlete in high school, I would have jumped at the opportunity. During my college years and later as a high school teacher and football coach, I would have been confident enough in my fitness and athleticism to step into a box and meet this challenge head-on. But I quit teaching for an accounting degree and became a CPA. I had been sitting behind a desk for over ten years. We started a family during that time and between going back to school, starting a new career and negotiating the pitfalls of parenthood, I had completely neglected my health and fitness. Other than the occasional stint at a corporate gym, which inevitably went nowhere, I had fallen into the
sedentary lifestyle that is so common in our society. I was unhappy when I looked in the mirror. I refused to take my shirt off at the pool with my kids. Worse, I started to wonder if I would be around to see my girls graduate college, get married and have children of their own. I had to do something.
So, I took a leap of faith and showed up at the box for my first foundations class. As I was working my way through the movements, I felt every minute of those 10 years behind a desk. After each class there was exhaustion and all-over soreness, but also a growing realization that I could do this. And then, the results started coming. I could move and breathe more easily. I started losing weight. I certainly wasn’t the fastest athlete in the room, but I wasn’t the slowest any more. When I started to pay more attention to my diet, all of those gains were amplified. Within a year I had dropped over 40 pounds and I was completely addicted.
When I was given the opportunity to become a CrossFit L1 trainer, I saw it not only as another step in my fitness journey, but a chance to share my experience with others. I truly believe that CrossFit is the best program available for well-rounded fitness and lifelong health. It changed my life and I know that it can do the same for anyone willing to put aside their ego and self-imposed limitations and give it a try.


-CrossFit Level 1 CrossFit Trainer